Custom-made spiral staircase

Arbloc made the foam polystyrene formoworks and coated them with various materials for the lower surface of the staircase. Our Syform resin, resistant to perforation up to 25kgf/cm² with deformation of 3mm, was used as coating. The blocks employed to make the slide were cut accordingly to the project in order, with decreasing thickness as the staircase rises.

The formworks were manufactured in groups of two or more steps in order to facilitate transportation within the construction site. Formworks were then placed on the platform (see first picture).

The inner edge was manufactured with vertical wood plank that follow the spiral shape of the staircase. Finally planks fixed to the sidelong board constitute the structure for the riser.


Helicoidal staircase with round base.


Custom-made formwork for the intrados, made according to the Architect's project.


Structure with 1.4 mm thick circa Syform resin, resistant to perforation up to 25 kf/cm2 with deformation of 3 mm.

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