Cocteau Museum

Arbloc contributed to the contruction of the new Cocteau Museu in Meton, France. Arbloc provided the contractor Campenon Bernard Cote D’Azur with the foam polystyrene moulds used in the making of the particular inlets on the floor.

The floor is characterized by 42 curvilinear inlets, in the style of the pillars around the perimeter of the building.

Arbloc provided 19 formworks with several curves that were created according to the configuration outlined by the architect.

White concrete was cast in the inlets, at the time still disconnected from the floor.

For each inlet, two moulds were made: an internal one, 70 cm high, and an external one, 30 cm high and placed 20 cm from the internal mould.
The internal mould, which represents the fair-faced of the casting, is made of a foam polystyrene mould that can resist pressure up to 40 KN/m2 without losing its shape. The mould was then coated with Syform resin, a plastic material that resulted in a smooth fair-faced surface of high quality once sanded.


Costruction of the new Cocteau museum in Menton, France.


Campenon Bernard


CIty of Menton


Rudy Ricciotti


Custom-made formwork to make the particular inlets on the floor.


Internal mould: structure with 1 mm thick (circa) Syform resin, resistant to perforation up to 25 kf/cm2 with deformation of 3 mm. External mould: pvc film 12/100, resistant to perforation up to 6kgf/cm2 with deformation of 3 mm.

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