Topform mold

Topform molds are made of high density polystyrene foam and are coated with PVC film on the outside. They are fitted with various surface reinforcing elements that strengthen the mold and guarantee an enhanced aesthetic result and longer life.

From the very first contact with the customer we appraise the type cornice to be built and study the appropriate mold to supply. All the factors that influence the choice of materials are carefully appraised, such as the fair facing finishes, re-use, time taken for setting up and removal. The in-depth approach to these problems guarantees a noteworthy saving of cost on finishes, labor, extra materials or any unplanned works.

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When a cornice exceeds certain dimensions the removal requires more pressure, which at times can reach over 200 kg. The pressure applied to remove polystyrene formworks should be constant and prolonged because to avoid a vacuum effect. Arbloc recommends their customers to use the system illustrated in this page when the cornice to be produced should protrude over 60 cm or implies difficulties with contours such as modillion brackets.


Matrici Topform di grande dimensioni1. Sink a metal rod into the concrete at the middle part of each element, leaving it protrude out out by at east 60 cm

2. Place a wooden beam at least 2 m long over the upper part of the mold for the purpose of exercising pressure over the entire mold.

3. Place a second beam crosswise in such a way that the metal rod crosses through it.

4. Act with a tensioner on the metal rod and apply a gradual, constant downward pressure. In more difficult situations wait a few seconds to allow the air to penetrate and eliminate the vacuum.

5. In the case of large molds we recommend you use a beam at least 20 cm thick.

6. With corner elements exercise pressure only on one side.

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