Topform molds for cornices

Thanks to the reliability and customization of Arbloc polystyrene concrete molds for cornices it is possible to create high quality ornamental artefacts for buildings and high grade construction projects. Individual approach is one of company's core values reflected in our production of custom mold for concrete to satisfy every project needs, both for new buildings and for renovations.
Polystyrene materials, methodological processes and customized techniques of productions are carefully studied by Arbloc to ensure the best aesthetic results and performances.
Resistance, durability and customization are the main characteristics of the polystyrene molds for cornices that the company offers to their customers.

Moreover they ensure an easy laying and a reduction of the time and costs for installation. It is important to consider that:

- The molds for concrete cornice design is custom-made
- Polystyrene molds can be re-used
- Smooth concrete surface
- Detailed formwork installation diagram
- Instructions for use
Learn more about technical features of Arbloc products for concrete cornices and successful practices of custom mold application in our project portfolio.

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