Volta a crociera


It is formed by crossing two barrel vaults. They can be made with any type of curve, size and even have a rectangular base. This formwork is made in such a way that it can be removed and reused.



Volta a crociera con velaCROSS VAULT WITH SAILS

It differs from a sail vault because of the diagonals. The central part is raised over the top of the lateral arches forming 4 sails. The sizes are on request. They can also be made without emphasizing the cross of the diagonals.


Volta a padiglione


It is formed by crossing 2 barrel vaults without outer arches. The curves are tangent to the walls of the room and are designed and adapted to the sizes of the base and the rise.


Volta a botteBARREL VAULT

It is generally semi-cylindrical but can also be made with any other type of curve. In case of a round curve, the inside of the formwork is hollow to enable removal and reuse.

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