Formworks for vaults

Cross-vaults, barrel-vaults, sail-vaults, and tent-vaults are structures that are in great demand for the reconstruction of old edifices as well as the construction of new buildings. A vault is an architectural element with a timeless appeal that satisfies both aesthetic and structural requirements.

Arbloc offers polystyrene foam formworks that are cut to size and coated with different types of materials according to the specific requirements, from brick laying to concrete casting.

Volta a crociera


It is formed by crossing two barrel vaults. They can be made with any type of curve, size and even have a rectangular base. This formwork is made in such a way that it can be removed and reused.



Volta a crociera con velaCROSS VAULT WITH SAILS

It differs from a sail vault because of the diagonals. The central part is raised over the top of the lateral arches forming 4 sails. The sizes are on request. They can also be made without emphasizing the cross of the diagonals.


Volta a padiglione


It is formed by crossing 2 barrel vaults without outer arches. The curves are tangent to the walls of the room and are designed and adapted to the sizes of the base and the rise.


Volta a botteBARREL VAULT

It is generally semi-cylindrical but can also be made with any other type of curve. In case of a round curve, the inside of the formwork is hollow to enable removal and reuse.

Getto in opera di una volta a vela - fase 1DESCRIPTION OF THE FORMWORK
Formworks are customized to specific designs and are made of polystyrene foam coated with plastic resin. Arbloc creates each formwork so that it can be easily removed and reused.


Getto in opera di una volta a vela - fase 2INSTALLATION
The formwork can be placed on one or more levels of falsework, according to its sizes, shape and the building’s requirements.
Adhesive tape is applied on the joins in order to prevent the concrete from penetrating between the elements.


Getto in opera di una volta a vela - fase 3PERIMETER SEALING
Polystyrene elements are applied around the perimeter to seal the gap between the formwork and the wall.


Getto in opera di una volta a vela - fase 4REMOVAL OF THE ARCHES
The lateral arches of the vault are removed by compressing the formwork towards the center. The middle arch-shaped space and the wooden boards glued to the base enable you to carry out this operation also with large size arches. The boards are drawn towards the middle space by using wires and twisting them. The force needed for detaching can vary from 100 to 300 kg.


Getto in opera di una volta a vela - fase 5REMOVAL OF THE VAULT
The elements of the vault are removed with a hydraulic jack. Constant pressure is exerted on the panel placed on the front of the casing. The pressure needed for removal can vary from around 100 to 500 kg per element.


Getto in opera di una volta a vela - fase 6FINISHED WORK


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