Formworks for columns

We can mill each element of our custom-made formworks for concrete columns (the base, the shaft and the capital) according to the design, style and needs of our clients. Our formworks for columns do not collapse under the cement’s hydrostatic pressure because we adjust the EPS density to the height of the columns. The coating, on the other hand, can change based on the desired quality of the surface. Our technicians will evaluate which formwork – whether Rapidoget, Topfinish, Monotub or Monouso – can best satisfy the project’s requests while accommodating the needs of the construction site.

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Rapidoget is a self-sustaining formwork with a quick and safe closing system that compresses the mold and makes it highly resistant to the cement’s load.

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Topfinish is composed of two polystyrene elements that are connected together with traditional falsework.

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Monotub is a single-use formwork made of waterproof material offering high mechanical resistance.

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MONOUSO with fiberglass reinforced tape.

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