Formwork for stairs

Arbloc represent newest standards in production of formwork for stairs and more finished elements allowing to realize stable structures of fine workmanship. With 25 years of experience Arbloc offers comprehensive list of solutions and customization opportunities for circular stairs of various types.

Each element of Arbloc staircase formwork is made of polystyrene foam representing the intrados of the structure that can be covered with different types of material. Our cutting system enables formwork creation of complex shapes, such as circular spiral staircases, handkerchief-shaped stairs and the one with inverted steps.

Arbloc perfectly combines craftsmanship experience with digital design in order to customize the concrete stairs using formwork according to clients' needs. The result is a disposable formwork product for concrete staircase building where attention to details helps our customer to achieve a concrete casting of constant thickness all along the chute.

Thickness consistency of stairs concrete is guaranteed thanks to particular attention to every internal and external part in strict accordance with the dimensions provided by the project. The coatings vary with the form of the scale offering different functions: beginning with PVC plastic films as a simple release from concrete and finising with smooth panels or shaven wood lists for bare casts.


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