Decorative Concrete

Decor are single-use polystyrene foam molds used to model concrete surfaces.

These decorative concrete forms molds ensure quality casting and excellent fair facing finishes. Decor sheets are applied to any type of formwork. They are lightweight and can be fitted without any joins.

Decor polystyrene foam sheets are 0,5 m x 1,5 m in size and are stamped with different types of patterns. The wide choice of patterns enables you to enhance the aesthetic quality of the concrete and thus provide a harmonized effect in terms of environmental impact. The foam molds for concrete have been specifically created for single use in order to improve the customer's construction potential and reduce building yard management costs.

Moreover, Decor molds are waterproof and can be removed after a long period of time, thus preventing the concrete from quickly drying out. Consequently, the quality of the surfaces is far better than the quality achieved with traditional systems.

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