Circular columns

Monotub DD formwork is made of an extruded multi-layer sheet composed of polyethylene, aluminium and kraft paper.

The sheet is waterproof and offers high mechanical resistance.

Monotub DD is thinner than a cardboard tube therefore it is very light and quick to set up, but at the same time it is guaranteed to withstand the pressure from the concrete. Monotub DD can be used for columns that are over 6 meters high. Monotub DD is waterproof and can be stored outdoors at the building yard, and it maintains its mechanical resistance even if left in the rain.

Casseforme monotubSETTING UP
Monotub DD is made of materials whose mechanical resistance is higher than cardboard. It is also thinner and lighter than cardboard, but much more resistant.
Monotub DD is lightweight and therefore quick and easy to handle in the yard. Just two fixing systems are needed to set it up: one at the base and the other at three quarter height.

Monotub DD is time saving because it can be easily filled in a few seconds. Vibrate the concrete every 50 centimeters in order to achieve an optimum fair facing finish.

Monotub can be removed at any time, either the very next day or even a year later. The part that comes in contact with the concrete is polyethylene therefore it does not stick. Cutting is carried out in a few seconds with a metal wire inserted inside the tube, thus making you save a great deal in terms of labor. Monotub DD is ideal for columns with fair facing finishes because the formwork can stay on up to the termination of the construction works in order to protect the column.

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